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The MMSA is made up of Downtown Business owners, managers, employees and involved community members who want to improve the downtown experience.


One of the best ways to get involved in the MMSA is to choose an area you are most passionate about and attend a committee meeting. See our calendar for upcoming committee meeting times and dates.


Learn more about the projects we are currently working on or have completed and how you can get involved.


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Festival Engaging Agriculture Sustainability To The Table (FEAST). This event will feature fares from only Merced County Farms, which will be artfully prepared by local area celebrity chefs, highlighting our wonderful and diverse food cultures of this Central Valley Region.

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This event is a joint effort of the Merced Certified Farmers Market, California Women for Ag, Merced College, Downtown Neighborhood Association and the Merced Main Street Association.

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Ideas welcome, volunteers wanted, participation needed.

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